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Whatever your requirements, our wide variety of paints are suitable for all purposes. We promise to supply you with only the highest quality paint that will give you the stunning, durable colour effect you always wanted.


Visit us today and learn about our extensive variety of paints that suit every purpose and meet all your needs.

We bring more colour into your life

We offer high quality paint for all your needs, including:


• Car paint

• Commercial paints

• Industrial coatings and welding

• Paint shop consumables

• Body shop equipment

• Air tools, compressors

• Body panels

Enjoy an extensive range of paints

Paint flaws are costly and unappealing. The good news is that you can avoid them altogether and save yourself time, money and hassle. Get it right the first time. Ask our paint experts for advice, and they will help you select the right paint for you.


Enjoy our experts' advice in our other departments too. Ask for help with your accessories, tools, and number plates.

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